Unburdening business owners and lowering energy costs

Competent and independent advice for organisations in this complex (energy) market


Measuring is knowing! To keep energy costs as low as possible, it is important to keep a close eye on your energy consumption and anticipate it in time. When are there peaks and troughs in consumption and how can you respond? For this purpose, we have developed our own interactive Energy Monitoring System (EMS).

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Energy saving obligation

As an entrepreneur, you can't escape it. If you have a consumption of 50,000 kWh or 25,000 m3 of natural gas or more, you are obliged under the Environmental Management Act to take energy-saving measures with a payback period of 5 years or less. This is the energy saving obligation.

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Purchasing energy

If you consume more than 50,000 kWh of energy annually and want to save on your energy costs, we would be happy to help. Upload your annual bills of your energy connections and we will look for a more competitive tariff. If we find a better offer, we will arrange the entire procurement process for you, so you can focus on what really matters, while we ensure the best rates.

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Billing control

The invoices your organisation receives can be complex, with different rates, charges and other cost items. By having the invoices checked by Energie Excellent, you can be sure that you only pay for what you actually consume, and that the invoices are always correct!

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Energy tax recovery

Did you know that employers may be eligible to reclaim energy tax? We are happy to help you with this, and make all the options clear. Wondering how? Let's see together what we can do for your organisation!

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About us

At EAB Excellent we perform our work with great passion and pleasure, we have been doing this since 2015. Our office is located on Maanweg, near the centre of The Hague From there, we dedicate ourselves daily to all employers in the Netherlands and Spain. We provide more insight within the world of energy, because often this is not yet being taken full advantage of.

EAB Excellent works reliably, competently and with integrity. We communicate transparently and honestly.

Erkend Adviesbureau

For Excellent Advice

Our unique features

Years of expertise in energy tax recovery

Erkend Adviesbureau

Complete unburdening of energy matters

We are fully AVG-compliant

Comply with the law Duty to Report Data Breaches Protocol

Transparent working method

We develop EAB Digital along with the energy market

All files can be sent via a secure connection

"We have immersed ourselves and specialized in the complexities that often yield more than people think."

"It's nice that we don't have to spend time buying energy ourselves and have to keep an eye on this complex market to do so. Furthermore, having a fixed point of contact is very nice".

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