Purchasing energy

Depending on your offtake pattern, term and contract, there is often a lot to save on overall energy costs.

Everyone wants the most favourable deal possible with an energy supplier. Purchasing energy is a dynamic process. Energy Excellent inventories the available data of your offtake profile and individual electricity and natural gas connections and takes over the entire procurement process.

A competitive rate through collective purchasing and the right purchasing moment


Sharp rate

The right supplier for your organisation

Complete unburdening of the procurement process

1. Drawing up a procurement strategy based on consumption, requirements and
2. Together, we set targets and actively inform the client in case of a
fluctuation in the market.
3. Advice best procurement timing.

Once we take over the purchasing process, we only need the volume of the
relevant connections. This can be done by handing over annual
and final bills.

Besides competitive pricing, things like service, database management
and experience with billing capabilities are considered.

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