Energy tax

Reclaim overpaid energy tax!

In some cases, it is possible for customers to reclaim overpaid Energy Tax from the Tax Office. Energy Excellent has extensive experience in this complex process and can make you a very attractive offer on a “no cure, no pay” basis. If nothing is recovered it will cost you nothing!

How does Energy Excellent save on your energy costs


Lots of experience with this complex process

Offer on a "No cure, no pay" basis

Terugvorderen van teveel betaalde Energiebelasting

  • Through an introductory meeting
  • Authorisation and agreement
  • Research phase
  • Final report
  • WOZ-description of the past 5 years
  • Valuation report (from the last year)
  • Situation sketch (cadastral map)
  • Overview of energy supplier(s) last 5 years

You will not receive the invoice until the total expected amount has been received.

How do we reclaim Energy Tax?

Together towards a great result!

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