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As an entrepreneur, having the most favourable agreement with your energy supplier is extremely relevant. Purchasing energy is a dynamic process. Stock market quotations and market conditions often have substantial price consequences. Do you opt for the standard supply of energy against payment of the usual connection and transport costs, or do you choose your own supplier? Often, much can be saved on the total energy costs depending on your purchasing pattern, term and contract.

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Hoe realiseert Energie Excellent een besparing op uw energiekosten?

Purchasing Process

Energie Excellent makes an inventory of the available data of your purchase profile and individual electricity and natural gas connections. Energie Excellent takes over the entire energy purchasing process and provides:

  1. Preparation of the required powers of attorney
  2. Quick response at the best purchasing moments
  3. The exact timing and the administrative handling afterwards

The moment of purchase

Even prices for four years from now are currently being traded on the market and can be “fixed”. These prices often fluctuate considerably. It is therefore useful to monitor this market daily; Energie Excellent also looks after this process for you.

Supplier Selection

Through complete knowledge of the energy market and its suppliers, Energie Excellent knows how to find the right supplier for you. Through a strict package of your requirements and wishes, only the best suppliers will be selected.

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